We Gotta Get High!


Feeling high on life means we are in the flow, aligned with Source, and enjoying the high vibrations of joy, ease, love, and abundance that naturally vibrate at our core. (Source energy/God = Core energy.) When we feel disappointed, irritated, sad, angry, worried or unworthy, it simply means we are hanging out in the lower, slower, heavier vibrations. Now there’s nothing wrong with the heavier vibrations, they just don’t feel as good, so it’s not as much fun. 

And if you feel stuck in the lower vibes, it’s not even your fault! There are wars going on, injustice and inequality, natural disasters occur almost daily, and other negative influences reported nonstop in the media. So if you feel like you’re steeped in a stew of negativity, you are NOT alone! 

Energy attracts like energy, so the more negative input we absorb, the heavier we get.

We gotta get high!

Energy attracts like energy, so the more positive input we absorb, the lighter, and higher we get. 

It’s really that simple. If we want to fly high and feel in the flow, we need to practice lining up with Source energy every day, several times a day. The way to do that is to find practices that plug your soul into Source and inspire connection to the highest vibrations.

We can practice religion if it connects us to the God of our understanding and lightens our soul. We can practice yoga, meditation, breath work. We can practice connecting with nature. We can swim or dance or run if that connects us to our core energy. 

There are a million ways to get high on life, lift our spirit, and connect to Source. Find the ones that work for you and practice them daily! The world is going to provide plenty of reasons to feel fear or worry every single day. 

If we want to shift the energy upwards and maintain those good feeling, lighter vibrations, we have to find ways to get high every single day.

How will you raise your vibration today?

Wishing you the highest vibrations!

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