Give it to the Light


Shame is the most toxic emotion. When we feel shame as an emotional vibration in our body, it creates chemistry that is toxic to our physical wellbeing. It feels ICKY. It feels wrong. If you have ever felt shame, you know how debilitating it can feel.

Why does shame feel SO awful?

Our core energy is pure love, joy, appreciation. Love, joy, and appreciation feel good to us because it’s our “home” vibration. It resonates with us, because it’s where we come from. Those high vibrations feel familiar, and good to us.

On the opposite end of the emotional spectrum are grief, depression, and shame. Shame is the lowest vibration available, and as far from the vibration of pure love (our core energy) as you can get. It feels WRONG to us because it does not belong to us.

Any time I recognize that a client is feeling shame about something, I quickly remind them that shame does not belong to them, and since it’s not ours, we are free to let it go! Carrying shame is like carrying luggage that’s not ours. It’s heavy and uncomfortable. Why would we do that?

So how do we let go of shame?

We can give it to the light. Just imagine that huge heavy feeling shrinking down, smaller and smaller until it fits in the palm of your hand. Then offer it up to the Light of the Universe. Hold it toward the sun if it’s shining. Then imagine the light absorbing the nasty feeling. See it vanish before your eyes, and feel RELIEF wash though you!

Recently I had a chance to practice what I teach my clients.

I consider myself to be wise and intuitive. I also expect people to be basically kind, with good intentions. Last week my bank called to alert me to some possible fraudulent charges. We were on the phone for thirty minutes before I realized that it wasn’t my bank, despite what my caller ID said, and that I had already shared too much information.

FUCK. I immediately called and shut off my online banking and my debit cards. Then I spent nearly four hours at the bank while they deleted my old accounts and gave me brand new ones. I was sick to my stomach, and slightly in shock, but it was the next day before I realized that I was feeling shame. I felt shame that I had not been quicker to catch on, though I was fast enough to protect my assets, I thought I should have been smarter than to have been conned out of personal information. 

My first reaction was that I didn’t want to tell ANYBODY. That, my friends, is a pretty clear indicator that we feel shame – not wanting others to know. And as soon as I recognized that the nasty feeling I had in the pit of my stomach was shame, I was THRILLED! I know how to deal with shame.

Shame doesn’t belong to me, so I don’t have to carry it!

I quickly offered the crappy-feeling, low vibration to the light, and I felt LIGHTNESS fill me! The relief was huge, and I started to laugh. Now I am telling anyone who will listen!

If your bank calls to tell you they found fraud on your account, thank them profusely, and tell them you’ll rush right to your local branch and straighten it out. Tell them NOTHING. Hang up.

Please remember, if you feel shame, it’s NOT yours!

Give it to the Light.

Wishing you Energized Thriving!

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