Eliminate the Negative


Energy attracts energy, but not just any energy. Energy attracts energy that is LIKE itself. Negative energy attracts negative energy. Positive energy attracts positive energy. The momentum is like a cyclone.

“News” media bombards us with stories of crime, destruction, devastation, and threats to public safety both real and imagined. People who have tuned in to decades of this kind of energy are steeped in fear.

It’s not their fault. It’s deliberate conditioning from elements in society. Fear and suspicion becomes the vibrational set point from which they view our world. Since energy attracts like energy, MORE things flow to them about which they will have fears and suspicion. 

Living with constant fear creates constant STRESS, and constant stress creates toxic chemistry in the human body. Stress makes us sick. There are a million ways that stress affects our chemistry and none of them is good for us. Living in a constant stew of negative energy creates a world full of dis-ease, and sickness.

If we want to reclaim our health, or a healthy weight, or bring a sense of peace into our lives, we must begin to eliminate the impact of the constant bombardment of negative energy that is so prevalent.

Now let me be clear. If you we try to shift in a moment of feeling scared, or horrified about something negative, it will not work and one might decide that looking for positive aspects is as effective as sticking one’s head in the sand. I am NOT talking about putting blinders on to pretend that you do not feel the way you feel. 

I am asking you to change the way you feel. 

We can change from feeling scared to feeling powerful and confident, but we must change the energy we are attracting into our lives. That takes practice, AND it takes deliberate and constant input of positive energy, while eliminating as much of the negative energy as possible.

Eliminate the negative.

Ditch network news.
Repair or release relationships that drain your energy.
Remove yourself from people who do not honor your worth.
Eliminate gossip.
Begin to release judgements of self and others.
Leave stress-soaked jobs.
Release self-criticism.
Give yourself a fucking break!

The best way I have found to eliminate the negative is to introduce as much positive vibration as possible!

Accentuate the positive.

OVERLOAD on positive energy to attract positive energy.
Make a list of what brings you joy and weave that into life every chance you get!
Acknowledge every step toward your goal and celebrate it as a success.
Listen to uplifting podcasts.
Read books meant to inspire, and elevate the spirit.
Tap into Source energy daily.
Find ways to make life fun.
Connect with positive people who are spiritually mature enough to honor you in all your humanity without judgement or animosity.

If we feel unmotivated, disconnected, low energy, or just bored with life, it often indicates insufficient input of positive influencers compared to the amount of negative influencers we are taking in.

I highly encourage people to OVERLOAD on positive inputs. The higher our frequency, the closer we are to our core frequency – Source energy. The closer we get to our core energy, the more inspired we feel, more connected, energetic, focused, and passionate about myriad aspects of our lives including career, health, family, goals, all of it!

We came here to enjoy life. It’s meant to be fun most of the time, sprinkled liberally with challenges that help us grow. We can increase our fun and enjoyment exponentially by increasing the positive energy flowing into our lives and eliminating the negative influencers.

It’s a process. We have to play with it for awhile to begin to see results.

Let’s Play!

Playing our way to a higher vibration is fun, and it’s more fun together!

I write a blog called Transformation Playground in addition to my Listen & Be Heard column Lighten Up! 

I host Relief through Release Playgroup online for women who want to enjoy more health, and re-energize their lives.

I keep a growing list of resources that inspire the crap outta me and my clients called Cyndi’s Fabulous Fucking Toy box

I’m playing with writing a book called Play Your Way to Better Health.

I continue to play with new and interesting ways to eliminate the negative, accentuate the positive, and share everything that resonates for me with anyone interested! If these things interest you too, I hope you’ll connect through one or more of the links above.

Wishing you Energized Thriving!

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