Category: Short Stories

  • Wings of Memory

    Wings of Memory

    Liam felt rage and despair, twin giants rising in him. That’s it? You’re happy to sit on your ass and let me fix your problem, but it will take a note to remind you that I care, that I worry about you, that I love you? But all he said was “Please don’t.”

  • Warehouse Punching Bags Don’t Hit Back

    Warehouse Punching Bags Don’t Hit Back

    That wasn’t a wrench, it was a screwdriver, the bag laughed.  “So, are you trying to tell me to go back to the wrench from whence I came?” I asked.  “You got a smart mouth,” I said, assuming a boxing stance. The bag hung passively.

  • Three Stripes You’re Out (A 4th of July Story)

    Paul led the marches but the marches were casual—more unlocked step than lock step which caught the eye of a superior officer. “Hey, tell those guys to stop.” the officer said. Paul continued walking in his casual step,

  • Cool People

    Cool People

    Calvin is one of the cool one’s. He’s what I call an all-weather kind of guy. If you need him, he’s there regardless of the forecast—and you don’t have to call him. He seems to have a sort of internal barometer that can take the temperature of your mood and hence, the predicament you might…