Listen and Be Heard

This is a place to Listen. And be Heard.

Edited &Produced by Martha Cinader

News & Notes

Circling around the Unspoken

We need to be heard. It is important, even if no one else listens. We need to be able to listen to our own inner voice.

Story Rewind

I’m reading you the previous chapters of Listen & Be Heard from my faulty memory, because there is another chapter coming. But in many ways that story is my story. I said I wanted to be really, real with y’all. So here is another angle of the same story.

Why would anyone host an open mic?

It seems to me, from the vantage point of a 59 year-old woman, that some of the most brilliant people are also some of the most kind and encouraging. Maybe I wouldn’t have started Sunday Afternoon Stories if he hadn’t spoken to me that night. He listened to me. He heard me. He gave me a message, and I took it to heart.

Listening and Being Heard

Being heard isn’t as easy. Opportunities to be heard are rare, and it’s even more rare to feel heard.

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