Relief through Release

Think about the huge relief felt when a BIG stressor is resolved. Stress is released, and relief flows in. Releasing negative self talk leaves us energized, more confident, and less reactive to the world.

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Podcast Pilot Episode

Martha Cinader speaks with Dan Klink and Joelle Biton about podcasting, media, technology and people. Tony Robles speaks to Crystal Cauley on MLK Day in Hendersonville, NC and Delia at the Abundancia Food Distribution Program. Spoken word by Michelle Serros. Music by Greenville Jazz Collective, SC. THUNDER TALK Saturday Morning - Animation Michele Serros -... Continue Reading →

to Free Leonard how can we be free when we stay apart hide inequality with lies cry crocodile tears for forty eight years?

Plain Old Fashioned Donuts from a Cambodian Owned Donut Shop

With the old fashioned donut in my mind, it rolls 3000 miles and I follow counter clockwise and come to a Cambodian owned donut shop, the place with the best donuts. I buy 4 and the cashier puts it in a brown paper bag. She smiles and I tell her I can't get donuts like this in North Carolina. She wishes me a good day. I leave and the oil from the old fashioned donuts seep into the paper bag leaving spots.

Saturday Feb. 25, 2pm, Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church 901 Robinson Terrace Hendersonville, NC 28792

eventually i wake up with me i see what each kept close while threatening who i be i’m free

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