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Listen & Be Heard Podcast Episode 29

Drawing Myself Up from My Roots

Learning and Ignoring Negativity, Thirteen years later, I still use a simple electric dehydrator for some fruits and things, or no electricity at all, just air drying for herbs. But I also just used my new freeze dryer for the first time, and I did find it intimidating as usual, because I never even watched…

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Uncut Zoom INTERVIEWS with Authors

Author, Karen Luke Jackson

Greenville SC, Poet Laureate, Glenis Redmond


Pilgrimage to Hamlet


Wings of Memory

Liam felt rage and despair, twin giants rising in him. That’s it? You’re happy to sit on your ass and let me fix your problem, but it will take a note to remind you that…

Jose Case

Tony Robles talks with Jose Case, Main Street celebrity in Hendersonville, NC. In the video they talk about his bikes. In the audio file, Tony reads Jose a poem that he wrote about him, and…