Accentuate the Positive


It’s good to keep our eyes on the goal we are trying to accomplish, but it’s even more important to acknowledge the goal when we REACH it! Usually we accomplish a thousand little milestones on the way to our goals, and I encourage my friends and clients to celebrate each and every one!

Trying to release ten pounds? Do not wait to celebrate until you release all the weight, do not even wait until one pound is gone to celebrate. Celebrate the decision to eat breakfast instead of skipping it to save calories. Celebrate your choice to have a protein laden salad for lunch instead of the usual burger with fries. Celebrate the 5 minute walk you took after work. 

Most goals are NOT a one-step process! Most goals take focus for days, weeks, months or longer and it’s EASY to lose motivation if we feel like we’re not making progress. But every step we take, every decision we make to keep moving forward is worth celebrating! 

Recently a wonderful client left a Google review for my coaching services, and one of the nice things she said was, “Cyndi celebrates my victories no matter how insignificant they may seem.”

The way I see it, no victory is insignificant.

Every time we put one foot in front of the other it’s a huge success. Each time we try for our goal one more time, we are huge winners! Some days getting out of bed is an act of bravery. Acknowledge the strength and courage it takes to keep doing life.

We accomplish all these little steps that move us toward our desires, and if we do not acknowledge and celebrate them as victories, we will not know how to celebrate our big goals when we reach them. We can be left feeling kind of empty, and unfulfilled.

If we celebrate all our little victories along the way, our big goal will feel much richer for it, as will our daily lives!

I invite you to take a nice deep breath and celebrate how far you’ve come, and all you have accomplished so far. 

You are right where you are supposed to be, and you are doing an amazing job of being human. Celebrate you.

Celebrate it all!

Wishing you Energized Thriving!

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