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  • Think BIG. Start small.

    Think BIG. Start small.

    Have BIG plans? AWESOME! Where would you like to begin? THIS one simple question can often derail our plans before we even make a plan! When our dream is so big that we have no way to even imagine the full picture, we often have no idea how to get started moving in the direction of…

  • Change Your Point of View!

    Change Your Point of View!

    We can shift perspectives by moving our body, changing our thoughts, or geographically changing our physical point of view.

  • We are Born with GPS

    We are Born with GPS

    Negative emotions are simply a signal that we are moving away from the vibration of Source energy at our core.

  • Reflections of a Muddled Mind

    Reflections of a Muddled Mind

    Muddled thinking will always mirror muddled ideas. Aligning with the point of view of Source allows us to see the true beauty in ourselves and our world!

  • Practice Releasing Exhausting Emotions

    Practice Releasing Exhausting Emotions

    a method to be with challenging emotions and transform their energy instead of numbing out with food or drugs.

  • The PERFECT Diet for Every Body

    The PERFECT Diet for Every Body

    Take a nice deep grounding breath, and allow yourself to arrive at your meal before digging in. Slow down and be present with your food. Once you’re present in your body, you’ll be able to hear more clearly what it’s saying. 

  • Plan to Succeed!

    Plan to Succeed!

    So part of my plan is planning what to do when my plan falls apart. Basically I make SURE that I always have foods that adhere to my plan easily available.

  • Eliminate what’s Weighing You Down!

    Eliminate what’s Weighing You Down!

    Even after I describe all of these highly desirable affects of the elimination diet, invariably someone will ask how I can put myself through this kind of deprivation.  Easy.  I don’t see it as deprivation.  It’s my liberation.  

  • Give it to the Light

    Give it to the Light

    Shrink the feeling of shame until it fits in the palm of your hand. Offer it up to the Light of the Universe. Imagine the light absorbing the nasty feeling. See it vanish before your eyes, and feel RELIEF wash though you!

  • Say YES to the Universe!

    Say YES to the Universe!

    I have the MOST amazing clients. Every time I sit with another woman in a coaching session, I learn something. Each client is my teacher as well as my student. She might need me to remind her that she is amazing and powerful, and capable of doing or being whatever she wishes to do or…

  • One Thing

    One Thing

    It’s perfectly fine, even wise, to do just one thing at a time!

  • What should I do?

    What should I do?

    It’s a complete waste of time and energy to try to figure out what others want, and then act that way, in an attempt to make them happy.

  • Sweet Release!

    Sweet Release!

    This is an individually tailored experiment to observe if we have improvement in any symptom when we release certain foods. Then we can choose to reintroduce what was released to see if symptoms return.

  • The #1 Reason Plans Fail

    The #1 Reason Plans Fail

    The number one reason plans fail is because we fail to plan. The solution is simple. Write down your plan. If you want to change anything, write down what you WILL do to make the change.

  • Create Art!

    Create Art!

    Creating art is therapy. Creating art is essential to the human spirit. Creating art can cure depression. Our energy and creativity long to flow!