Lighten Up!

It’s easy to get weighed down in today’s world. We feel the heaviness when we turn on the news, or tune in to social media. We can feel heavy with regrets, guilt, fear, and so many negative emotions. We can feel weighted by our past or worried for our future. Either way, the result is feeling like we’re carrying the mass of the entire world sometimes. We may feel physically, mentally, or spiritually heavy but beginning to lighten up in one area often leads to feeling lighter in other areas too.

Eating to soothe our emotions or calm our fears can be an effective strategy short term, but one that can leave us physically heavy, and even heavier with self-judgement or shame. But none of that heaviness belongs to us, so I am inviting us to begin simply setting it down.

We are beings of light.

The more we lighten up, the more energy we have to focus on what’s most important to us. As we free up energy, we become more empowered to say, and do, and be whatever we want to say, and do, and be. Then we feel lighter, which gives us more energy. It’s a wonderful cycle to experience, but it’s a process that takes patience and practice.    

There are so many ways to practice lightening our lives!  

Finding and releasing behaviors and activities that drain us is a great way to lighten up. If your day job is draining you it may be time to change careers or go back to school. If you constantly think mean thoughts about yourself, like “I’m not good/smart/pretty enough,” that is a very heavy thing to carry! If you have that type of thought, I invite you to begin saying nicer things to yourself as a way to lighten up.

Being in nature, or spending time with loved ones will lighten almost anyone. Simply remembering our happiest memories can lighten us considerably. I encourage you to create a list of ALL the things that make your heart sing. Keep the list handy, adding to it whenever you find something else that lightens you.  Then add a few to your calendar each week! These are the things that charge your batteries. These lighten you and energize you.  You want to incorporate them as often as possible.

Here is a link to my toy box where I keep all of my favorite ways to release heaviness and raise the vibe. Please feel free to dive in and play with any that you enjoy!

I wish you love, lightness, and energetic thriving!

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