Darkness is Lit from Within

Releasing stress is a key component to health and wellbeing. Stress causes or exacerbates every disease known to medical science, so it stands to reason that the less stress we have, the better we feel in mind, body, and spirit. Finding ways to relax is a great start, but the opposite of stress is more than relaxation. It’s trust. It’s a deep belief in a benevolent Universe. 

If we follow news and social media, it’s easy to believe that people can’t be trusted, that we must look out for our own interests because others will take advantage if we let them. We are told that danger lurks up every avenue and down every alleyway, that strangers must not be trusted, that we must cling to what we have because others will try to claw it away from us. If we see the world we live in as threatening, of course we feel stressed!

We want to cultivate trust in a benevolent Universe.

We want to begin to see the world as it is, rather than how we have been taught to see it. The Universe is made of Source Energy. One source of energy created, and flows through everything. Source Energy is eternal unconditional love, and infinite intelligence. This means that eternal unconditional love, and infinite intelligence flow through everything – you, me, every person on the planet. 

The reason we don’t show up as beings of pure love and light is because it is our soul’s purpose to forget, and then find our way back to the light! So cultivating trust in the Universe begins with remembering who we all are at our core energy.

Once we remember who we are on the inside, that’s what begins to be reflected to us in the world!

The more we feel the Truth of the love and light within us, the more we see it in others and the world. The Universe loves us, and wants us to be happy and live into our dreams. But we have been taught to see it differently, so the world has been reflecting the point of view we have been trained to see.

To see the world as it is, we must also see ourselves as we are. We are eternal beings of love and light with nothing to fear or worry about ever. But we forget that, so seeing the Truth takes reminding, and it takes practice!

Find people who inspire you and LET THEM!

Find a coach or mentor who will inspire you, and remind you of your greatness when you have forgotten it. Find authors and speakers who inspire you and remind you of the Truth of who we are, and let them inspire you. Buy their books. Subscribe to their podcasts. Read their blogs. Marinate in the hope they conjure, and let it infuse your life with a lighter, faster, higher vibration.

Then watch what miracles occur.

Don’t take my word for it, try it! 

If you have no idea where to begin, dive into my toy box for a growing list of resources that remind and inspire me and my clients!

I wish you a deep trust and absolute knowing that the Universe has your back, and wants you to be happy.

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  1. Love this post!! I need to be reminded often because I have a great forgetter. Must have showed up here on earth with it, so I need to hear people like Cyndi who speaks my language in a way that resonates deeply within me.
    Thank you, California Laura (aka LaLa)

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