Relief through Release


When most people think of getting relief, we think of bringing something in. We want a pill from the medical world, we dive into some exercise regime, or we bring in a whole new diet plan. Sometimes bringing in something is a great way to find relief. When I have muscle aches, I reach for ibuprofen. I get relief.

Relief can also happen in BIG ways when we release something.

Think about how it feels to have a big stressor demanding attention. Then think about the huge relief felt when that stressor is resolved. The stress is released, and voila! Relief flows in.

One of the biggest stresses in human existence is negative self-talk. If you are in the habit of saying mean things to yourself, or being your own harshest critic, you’re certainly not alone! This kind of internal talk drains energy and confidence. It also stresses us mentally, physically (by creating toxic chemistry), and emotionally.

Releasing negative self talk leaves us energized, more confident, and less reactive to the world around us. Win-win!

Releasing sugar, and other inflammatory foods, or foods that irritate, brings huge relief to many. What kind of relief? Here’s a short list:

What about unwanted behaviors like stress eating and overeating? How much relief do you think is felt when we release these behaviors? How will that change the lives of those who feel chained to those behaviors?

What happens to our body and our energy when we begin to feel so much relief? The relief often leads to release of excess weight without any effort. The relief can feel like weight has been lifted off our shoulders, or literally from around our midsection.

Release leads to relief, which in turn leads to release in a wonderful cycle of healing.

The next time you need relief from whatever is weighing you down, I hope you will get curious about what you may be ready to release.

Relief through Release Playgroup

If you are ready to release negative self-talk, and curious about what would happen if you released sugar, I invite you to join me in my Relief through Release Playgroup! 

This is not a prescribed diet, nor exercise plan. This is about releasing thoughts, and foods that deplete our energy.

And we’re NOT releasing them FOREVER! 

This is just an experimental game we play for a short time to see for ourselves how much relief we get from symptoms we’ve been experiencing, how much energy we gain, and how effortlessly our bodies can reshape, and release extra weight when we just begin to let go!

If you’re curious to learn more, email me for full details at

Wishing you relief, confidence, and self-love!

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