Think BIG. Start small.


Have BIG plans? AWESOME!

Where would you like to begin? 
THIS one simple question can often derail our plans before we even make a plan! When our dream is so big that we have no way to even imagine the full picture, we often have no idea how to get started moving in the direction of our goal.

When this is the case, I encourage clients to set smaller goals that will move them in the direction of the BIG goal. The reason for this is because BIG plans take time, and humans generally tend to want to see results now. So let’s set some goals where we will see results now!

Smaller goals get momentum flowing toward those big plans, and once momentum begins, by definition, it’s difficult to stop.

Examples of small goals that serve BIG plans:

Big plan: take a dream vacation
Small goals might include:
save $20 (or more) each paycheck, and watch with delight as your vacation savings grows continually!
spend time researching & visualizing. Keep a file of destinations and accommodations that thrill you, and spend time seeing yourself there in your mind’s eye. When we let the Universe know what we want, She assists us in getting that!
STOP saying that you can’t afford it, and play with saying something more positive like, “I choose to invest in travel adventures and enjoy cultural education.” Or maybe, “I am worthy of a relaxing vacation.” One of my favorites is, “The money I spend traveling helps people in countries to which I travel!”
Words have power. If we say we cannot afford something, we cast a spell that makes it so. Stop it!

Big plan: write a book
Small goals might include:
schedule time regularly to write. Even if a crazy schedule only allows 15 or 20 minutes each day, BLOCK OUT those minutes in your schedule and use them to write! Write ANYTHING at all, even if you write about why you don’t feel like writing right now.
Create a list of the major themes of your book, and add sub themes as they come to mind.
What is your book’s message? Spend time writing why this message is important enough for you to write a book about it.
Create a modifiable outline for your book.
Play with writing an introduction to your book.

Any one of these small goals is something you can accomplish today or tomorrow. Then the ball is rolling, pieces fall into place, and you know the next thing you need to do, and make THAT a small goal. Each goal accomplished is a tangible step that allows us to feel the movement we are making toward the big plan, and adds to our momentum!

Big plan: release 50 pounds excess weight
Small goals might include:
STOP restricting calories! Severe calorie restriction makes it biologically impossible to release excess weight.
STOP getting on the scale. Every time we are short of the BIG goal, it can feel like failure. Scales lie and change their numbers with the temperature, so just throw that useless, outdated machine away.
identify food sensitivities. Food sensitivities cause inflammation. Inflammation adds weight, and can cause abdominal bloating and distention.
release food(s) to which we are sensitive, and track symptoms. Often when we release problem foods, unwanted symptoms improve or disappear.
–  identify biological and psychological reasons that underlie compulsive eating habits. This helps release extra calories that exacerbate weight gain.
Start LOVING the body we have! If we express dislike, or even hate, for the amazing apparatus that supports every biological system that keeps us alive, we cannot care for it in a positive way! We must own it, if we wish to transform it in a loving and healing way.
Join a Playgroup designed to teach us HOW to take all of these small steps!  If you’re tired of trying to do it all on your own, join a community of women with similar goals who are learning to get OFF the hamster wheel of binging and dieting to finally transform our relationship with food and our bodies! The next group begins in just a few weeks!

Whatever your big plans, I salute you for dreaming them!

I encourage you to find one small step that moves you in their direction TODAY. It is possible and you are worthy of all the good things you desire!

Wishing you Energized Thriving!

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