Living with Giants

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We live among giant trees on Paris Mountain. The matrix of overhead cables that provide electricity to residents weaves its way among the great branches of the trees. When there is a perfect storm of wind and ice, giant limbs and entire trees sometimes fall. When a tree falls on a power line or transformer, then the power goes out. On our property alone, we had two trees that fell across our driveway, and a giant limb that fell in our front yard. The one remaining tree to be handled is the pine pictured above, which is hanging in the balance directly above the chicken coop.

 My husband is my hero. There is no one I would rather be stranded with during a snow storm and blackout, which was the condition we and the rest of Paris Mountain was in this past weekend. A stickler about keeping his tools in order, he was ready with his chainsaw. He tromped down the road to remove the two trees from the drive on the first day. The big limb was chopped up and added to the firewood pile the next day. But this last fallen tree, hasn’t actually fallen. If it had, it would have smashed the chicken coop, and likely a few chickens along with it.

His plan is to get on the roof and start cutting away the smaller branches, to make it less heavy, so that the smaller tree will raise up a bit and hopefully…angle away from the roof of the coop….

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