What should I do?


Recently a client felt torn about a decision she was weighing. She was feeling pressure to do something she didn’t really want to do, but felt it was expected. She laid out the details and finally said, “I just don’t know. What should I do?”

I asked, “What do you want to do?”

She was taken aback. She had been struggling with the question all week – What should I do? Yet the question of what she wanted to do had never occurred to her.

This is common for so many people! 

We get entangled in what we think we should do because it’s what others are doing, or expecting us to do. Or we worry how our actions will be perceived by others. We get so twisted up trying to figure out how to please everyone, we forget to even consider what pleases us!

It’s a complete waste of time and energy to try to figure out what others want, and then act that way, in an attempt to make them happy. If we live the way THIS one wants, it’s sure to displease THAT one, and if we change to please THAT one, then THIS one is disappointed instead.

It’s exhausting! Figuring out what we “should” do is exhausting. 

What do you WANT to do?
What does it feel good to do?
What makes your soul sing?
What lifts your heart? 

Do THAT! Do that every time.

Those who love you will be thrilled, and your life will be exponentially happier.

If someone judges you negatively for doing what makes you happy, why change your behavior to please them? I wouldn’t give a second thought to what they think I “should” or should not do.

When you catch yourself thinking, “What should I do?”
Give your self permission instead to ask:

What do I want to do? What will make my heart happy?
Always follow your heart. It never leads you astray.

Wishing you the confidence to choose happiness!

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