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  • to Rage

    to Rage

  • to Exclusion

    to Exclusion

    to Exclusion you say you’re better but you know better you set the stage for rage your actors read from the page you yell fire and hire the ones who run over the ones who run you hand them a gun then have your fun the one who walks with a splash and talks cash

  • Undercover

    Undercover the brother ain’t a lover. his glam and yes ma’am is a scam for your heart to play its part on his stage keeping watch on his rage.

  • Rage

    Rage daddy was mean mommy played along the song of ages people in cages real as the feel of the steal of steel bars enough handcuffs for all who disagree with whoever sees god in the mirror

  • Court of Love

    Court of Love we used to play. now i pay. you had me caged in silent rage. let me count the ways 365 days. now i smile. it’s been a little while.

  • Fairytale

    Fairytale Once, a man told his mother that he was better than her. She asked her son why. He knocked her down. She got up and slapped him. He killed her in a silent rage. At sunset he raped his sister. He told her to forget her mother ever existed. He married her, named himself…