Martha’s Kitchen Garden – Season 1 Videos

Spring/Summer 2022

Maratha’s Kitchen Garden is located in the Upstate of South Carolina. Run by Martha Cinader it is an ongoing learning experience about growing and preparing food, looking after livestock and people and enlarging our cultural experiences. The videos document the activities at Martha’s Kitchen Garden Llc in the spring and summer of 2022, including chickens, ducks, snapping turtles, gardening and more. All videos are shot and edited by Crystal Clear Waters.

Episode Twenty: New Permaculture Attitude

Martha talks about letting things grow instead of cutting them down.

Episode Nineteen: Making Stuff with Junk

Martha talks about cleaning up, using junk, and making waddles.

Episode Eighteen: Separating Chickens in the Summertime

Newborn chicks and mamas are taking up both sides of the coop, so Martha has made temporary arrangements for her chickens.

Episode Seventeen Get Your Girls

Martha puts up the chickens on a sunny evening at Martha’s Kitchen Garden, while Mercury watches.

Episode Sixteen: The More I Observe the More I Observe

Martha talks about two feature trees: a Chinese Chestnut and a Loblolly Pine at Martha’s Kitchen Garden.

Episode Fifteen: Bee Not Afraid

Martha reads The Bee is Not Afraid of Me by Emily Dickinson

Episode Fourteen: Letting Volunteer Black Locust Trees Grow

Martha identifies a black locust tree with the help of the PictureThis app, and talks about her plans to let some grow, and their role as nitrogen fixers.

Episode Thirteen: Work Less in the Wild Zone

Martha talks about the permaculture idea of five zones, the furthest from your house being the least tended.

Episode Twelve: Muscovies aren’t Ducks

Martha talks about Muscovies and Mallards and mating and mules.

Episode Eleven: Observe and Learn

Martha talks about feeding the recently acquired Muscovies at Martha’s Kitchen Garden, food prices and incremental changes.

Episode Ten: Growing Zones

Martha talks about learning from Parkrose Permaculture on YouTube about permaculture principles and applying lessons to the micro-climate at Martha’s Kitchen Garden.

Episode Nine: Less Mowing More Growing

Martha talks about what happened at Martha’s Kitchen Garden Llc when she joined No Mow May half-way through May.

Episode Eight: Life is Full of Many Maybes

Martha talks about possibilities while picking raspberries from the raspberry patch.

Episode Seven: Raspberries Get Around

Martha digs up a raspberry shoot to give to Crystal, and winds up with two shoots connected at the roots.

Episode Six: Raspberry Companion Plants

Martha stumbles around the edges of her raspberry patch, pointing out the companion plants that bloom at different times during the summer.

Episode Five:

Martha digs up new raspberry shoots from the raspberry patch at Martha’s Kitchen Garden Llc, and talks about how they spread.

Episode Four:

Martha talks about the wild blackberries growing at Martha’s Kitchen Garden and how to propagate them.

Episode Three:

Martha talks about propagation while digging up coreopsis to spread around her garden.

Episode Two:

Martha digs up lamb’s ear for propagation in other gardens.

Episode One:

Martha digs up echinacea to share with other gardeners.

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