Eliminate what’s Weighing You Down!


I’m excited to be going on another cleanse!

To a lot of people this may sound scary, unfamiliar, or possibly uncomfortable.  What does it even mean to do a cleanse?  In the simplest terms, doing a cleanse just means eating clean, or cleaner than what is ‘normal’ for you, for a specific amount of time. For some people a cleanse might be eliminating one food, or a few.  Some cleanses are bottled and branded, and come with meal-replacement shakes and all kinds of supplements.  

The Elimination Diet is a fairly common cleanse that can be safely used over several weeks or months to identify problem foods specific to each person. It requires no investment, supplements or shakes, and is built around whole foods we can buy in most markets. I first tried an elimination diet in 2017, and got miraculous results when I released certain foods. 

Leading mini elimination cleanses is part of my passion now! A few times each year I help a small group of women release self-criticism, and sugar, and any other foods they suspect may not be serving their health.

My clients and I have seen incredible improvements in a wide variety of symptoms.

Symptoms which have shown improvement or cleared up completely during my guided elimination cleanses include digestive troubles, skin conditions, night sweats, hot flashes, sugar cravings, excess weight, compulsive overeating, joint pain, brain fog, depression, sleep issues, fatigue, hemoglobin A1c levels, irritability, and MORE!

It is truly inspiring to witness such an incredible shift in health for so many women, including myself. And, even after I describe all of these highly desirable affects, invariably someone will ask how I can put myself through this kind of deprivation.  

That’s easy.  I don’t see it as deprivation.  Quite the opposite, it’s my liberation.  

I am liberated from inflammation and excess weight. I am liberated from cravings for depleting foods.  I am liberated from surplus calories that slow me down.  I am liberated from unwanted symptoms that have plagued me. I am liberated from sugar cravings, compulsive overeating, and constant irritability.

I feel powerful when I align myself with eating that is meant to optimize my health!  And by the end of the three weeks, I am reminded that I can thrive on far fewer calories than I normally feed myself.  I feel lean and powerful! 

What better incentive could I possibly have? It’s like pushing the reset button on my appetite, taste buds and metabolism! 

Three weeks is NOT that long!  If there is a particular food that someone thinks would be unbearable to live without for three weeks, it’s highly likely that they may be sensitive to that food.  Studies have shown that people often crave foods to which they are allergic, and deplete their energy.

I’m not trying to convince anyone to go on a cleanse.  I’m just illustrating that we get to choose how we see EVERYTHING.

If you WANT the benefits of a cleanse, but have hesitated due to fear of deprivation, let me assure you that if you focus on feeling deprived, you will feel deprived! It’s easy to feel miserable if we obsess on what we’re missing. 

Thoughts of deprivation weigh us down as much as excess food does!

We can also choose to look at what we are gaining!

If you need or want to release food that is depleting your energy, I encourage you to just play with releasing it for awhile to see how differently you feel. You can always choose those foods again later if you want them!

If you are interested in having SUPPORT while you release foods you love, that’s what I do! Check out all the information on my Relief through Release Playgroup at THIS LINK. Or schedule a chat with me HERE so I can answer your questions.

Wishing you Energized Thriving!

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