Just One Thing

We want to transform our health, but where to start? Should we join a gym? Go on a diet? Take up meditation? Increase hydration? Start taking supplements? Do a cleanse? Practice yoga?

Any of these choices can increase health and wellbeing. Humans often decide to turn over a new leaf and do ALL the healthy things. But when we start all the things at once, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Then we quit doing all the things, and we’re right back where we started; not doing anything to improve health.

The key is baby steps. 

Remembering to do one new behavior each day is far easier than committing to an entirely new lifestyle! Choose just one thing. Each day we do one thing and succeed in moving toward better health. We can celebrate our success of accomplishing a goal that is a stepping stone toward our larger goal. That builds confidence that we can make a small change, and sustain it.

Once our one thing has become part of our daily rhythm, we can choose just one thing as our next goal, and begin to integrate that one thing into our life.

I invite you to experiment with this! 

Eliminate one food group you suspect might irritate your digestion.
Eat more veggies every day.
Try one new recipe each week.
Take a walk outside every day, or most days. 
Create art frequently.
Take a dance class.
Create eating rhythm.
Practice relaxation.
Improve hydration.
Floss teeth daily.
Buy higher quality foods. (Think organic/free range.)

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. Jot down the ones that pop into your mind, then pick the one that sounds like fun, or that inspires you most, or that you feel most called to try, and incorporate that one thing into your daily rhythm. 

Once that one thing feels solid, you will have confidence that you can accomplish your next goal, and your next. One step at a time.

If we feel super motivated after our first success, we might choose two. We could certainly focus on better hydration daily, and also start buying higher quality foods. We could choose to create a daily eating rhythm, and also try a new recipe each week. 

My point is that an ‘All or Nothing’ mentality can easily overwhelm us, and stall progress. Sustainable long-term changes are created one small success on top of another.

I wish you success and confidence in every moment!

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