Thanks for Listening

Dear All,
This will be my last letter from the editor of Listen & Be Heard.
Times are changing, and I am changing with them. Listen & Be Heard the open mic, Listen & Be Heard the newspaper and website, and Listen & Be Heard Poetry Cafe have all been learning experiences for me from which I have derived much pleasure over the years. It has been the vehicle which has allowed me to cross paths with a great variety of talented people. It has been my, and my husband Tony’s, contribution to the communities we have been a part of.
One thing I have never derived from Listen & Be Heard is financial gain, and I find that neither my desire nor my bank account will take this project any further. I do want to thank everyone who has contributed to Listen & Be Heard over the years. If you have writing, photos or anything else archived at the Listen & Be Heard website that you wish to keep, please be sure to visit in the next week or so and save your work to your computer, as it will not be available anymore in April of 2009.
If there is anyone interested in adopting the Bang! list please get in touch with me to discuss it further.
Wishing you Peace and Poetry
Martha Mims

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  1. hi, martha & tony!
    with your recent news of discontinuance, i just want to take this moment to express my heartfelt appreciation for the both of you and for your “labor of love” in support of the poets, writers and artists. such altruism has benefited so many in such immeasurable ways. i for one have been inspired by you and those that you supported. and i’ve had the opportunity to meet many fascinating and wonderful people through your venue, including christina, the love of my life. so, where would we be without you?
    may God bless you and your family. and may your life’s path be joyful, prosperous and full of beauty & grace.
    much love,

  2. I will miss you, Martha! Thanks so much for doing all you did! A lot of work went into it, I am sure… you were a wonderful forum for the community and will be missed.
    May your next endeavor be rewarding!
    Patricia at Eclectix

  3. Martha- I would like to thank you and Tony for the amazing service you have provided to poets and writers across the Internet and beyond.
    Without your help in posting news items for our site- I am quite sure we would be nowhere near as visible in the online poetry community-
    Wishing you both well for a well deserved rest!
    Thanks again.
    Hugely yours,

  4. Hi Martha and Tony,
    You have given a tremendous opportunity to listen and be heard in Vallejo. I was sad when the poetry cafe closed, but I am sadden ever more now that the website will be discontinued.
    I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all your time and effort and for the opportunity to share my poetry with you and all the talented people who shared theirs at the poetry cafe and the website.
    Good luck to the two of you. I wish you much peace and prosperity.
    Jo Ann Lopez

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