Listen & Be Heard Network Phase One.

These last few weeks have been all about learning and working with code and databases, for me anyway. I am deep into the restructuring of Listen & Be Heard Weekly and Listen & Be Heard Poetry Cafe into the Listen & Be Heard Network.
The first phase of this change has been accomplished. Listen & Be Heard Network Arts News has been launched. You can go there to find arts news, reviews, columns and classifieds, and to post the same if you wish.
The THE NEW METAPHYSICAL MUSE column now has a home at New Life Self Discovery Center.
The archives for Listen & Be Heard Weekly are also collected together on one site now, will they remain for you to search and find plenty of valuable information.
For the time being you can still find the Poem of the Day, while phase two comes into play: the development of the virtual Listen & Be Heard Poetry Cafe.
Please take full advantage and enjoyment of all these sites, and your feedback is most welcome.
Wishing you Peace and Poetry

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