Taking My Own Advice


A couple weeks ago I wrote an article about becoming the media, in order to use the media. As often happens, I was sharing my thoughts as I work on promoting both my personal work (books, cd’s, appearances) and my community work which is Listen & Be Heard Network. So, since writing the article, I have taken my own advice. Here’s what’s going on:
I am breaking into internet radio with an open mic radio show on Tuesday, August 19, 2008 at 8pm Pacific Standard Time. If you would like to participate, please do. You can call in to the show at (718) 506-1481. Sign the open mic list ahead of time if you would like me to feature a bio, picture and book or cd, and give you a time slot at the beginning of the show. Don’t want to sign in ahead of time? That’s fine too, you can still call in for the later portion of the show. The show is hosted at BlogTalkRadio.com. If you have a microphone in your computer and headphones, you don’t even have to call in on the phone, (or pay a phone bill.) Please visit the Listen & Be Heard profile there, take a look around and see how it works ahead of time. There is a second open mic show scheduled for Tuesday, August 26 also at 8pm.
Another thing I did in the last couple weeks is become a member of Vallejo Community Access Television. Now that I’ve joined, I’m working on some short poetry videos that I will give them for broadcast. For now I’m creating television on my computer. That’s because I need to get a reliable production crew together before I can create a quality show. Do you live and work in the Solano County area, or in Vallejo? Are you interested in working on Listen & Be Heard productions for Vallejo Community Access Television and Listen & Be Heard Network? Send me an e-mail, or join the discussion at the Listen & Be Heard Network Bulletin Board, and let’s get the discussion going!
Other than the activities listed above, I am on vacation while my children are, for the next couple of weeks, so that is all I have to say this week.
Wishing you Peace and Poetry
Martha Cinader Mims

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