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  • Aren’t We Natural?

    Aren’t We Natural? Do flies ask why corpses stare at sky while flowers feed on flowing blood? Greed floods the plain. We remain the same, destruction our game; we are the flame and the ash, food for the fruit tree, honey from the bee.

  • To Do

    to do speak ill speak truth speak wise obstruct lies use time chime with nature

  • Note about Nature

    What if we are just being ourselves, just like cockroaches are being themselves, and every natural and unnatural thing we do is really just our nature to do and we are just as loathsome to some superior aliens as that cockroach on my kitchen counter that I naturally want to smash?

  • City Poet Country Poet

    City Poet Country Poet

    I do the dance with nature now. I do the long grind, the dripping sweaty summer, the dirt under my nails, the ant bites. I stay in the hot steamy kitchen, with piles of tomatoes to can