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  • Black History, Radio History, Ancient Herstory

    Black History, Radio History, Ancient Herstory

    Martha Cinader talks with Davyne Dial, the General Manager of WPVM Radio in Asheville, NC, and Dr. Kim McMillon, from her writing den in Merced, California. Tony Robles reports from the Rise Up! Black History Celebration in Hendersonville NC, where he spoke with dancers Pam Suber and Alyeh Cady. Also, a trailer for the film…

  • Learning and Sweating

    Learning and Sweating

    Davyne Dial was generous with her time and knowledge. I learned quite a bit about becoming a licensed radio station, and what it takes to keep it running. She is an inspiration to me, and a possible mentor, as I work toward establishing the Listen & Be Heard Network here in Greenville.