My Year in Seeds

beautiful seed packets: promise of plenty

I spent my $38 on heirloom seeds this year. It all went to the seeds too, cuz I got free shipping. Bakers Creek even sent me a free packet of basil seeds to say thank you for my order. I got the bush beans for my husband, because the ones he buys in the box stores don’t always turn out to be what they say they are.

So here’s my year sitting on the kitchen table waiting to happen. That part takes a little vision and some sweat equity. As far as vision goes, I intend to stretch that $38 further by starting a little seed garden somewhere, and keeping some of these seeds for next year…

I’m going to start with those tomato seeds. I’m still dreaming about indoor winter tomatoes but I’ve scaled down the size of the tomato in my mind’s eye. Have you gotten your seeds yet? What are you planning for this year? Please leave your comments below.

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