Acquiring Winter Wisdom

Recycled celery from the kitchen and tomato starters from the compost will be my first winter crop…

I have tomato starters growing on the deck in little pots right now, very late October. I rescued the sprouts from the compost heap a few weeks ago, because I have a hard time letting go of living things. At the time I had a vague idea about actually starting a greenhouse this winter and miraculously having some of these ripe beauties for a salad in the middle of winter. I’ve heard that it’s possible, but I haven’t done it yet myself.

But I’m determined not to let these die. Also, I have some celery growing in pots that I recycled from the kitchen. So now I’m going to take the next logical step and actually go to a class and learn as much as I can about hooking up the simplest of greenhouses this very winter, and not at some distant time in the future. The class, called Winter Vegetable Gardening, is taught by Growing Green Family Farm and will be hosted by the Travelers Rest Branch of the Greenville Public Library on November 19 from 7-8pm. It’s free but you do have register. Send and email to or call 834-3650 to register. If you’re thinking along the same lines, then maybe I’ll see your there. I hope we don’t have a frost before then!

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