Roadblock on Border Project

Monkey grass soaking in tubs to soften the roots.

On Sunday morning I was enthusiastic about getting closer to finishing with digging up and replanting the de-weeded monkey grass border along the west garden. I sent my oldest son out ahead of me to do the digging up part. Unfortunately what he uncovered brought my project to a halt.

The landscaping timber was mostly rotten, with crabgrass roots running all through it. When I pulled on some roots the timber just fell apart. The timing is bad because banging rebar through fresh timber and into the ground is Mr. Mims’ department, and he’s still busy painting our fresh deck. He inspected my work, went somewhere to get the timber, dumped it in front of the site and then informed me that it’s low on his list right now. I can’t say I blame him.

Meanwhile, I have big clumps of monkey grass in various stages of being dealt with. The ones I broke apart and pulled the weeds out of and lined up in a nice row to wait, the ones soaking in buckets to soften the roots and make it easier to pull the crab grass roots out of them, and the ones still waiting to soak in the buckets…

Meanwhile, I know he ‘s going to get annoyed seeing that pile of timber sitting there, even while he’s feeling pressure to finish painting and get to his garden, the Big Daddy that supplies the majority of food. My gardens provide more of the seasoning and delicacies, making them a lower priority.

So while I’m waiting and feeling a little bad that I opened a can of worms, I’m going  to take advantage of any future warm winter days to weed and hoe and prepare my garden beds for spring planting. Bulbs are poking up everywhere, and right now there seem to be just as many weeds as bulbs. My new goal is to get the weeding done before they bloom….

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