The Carport Project

We’ve been talking about a carport since we moved here, and 2016 became the year to do something about it. Well Mr. Mims, he’s doing something about it, and I’m the cheerleading section.  The spot for the carport is between the chicken coop and the shed, and some landscaping issues are meant to be solved in the process.

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The whole area is a flood zone when it rains. The water runs into the creek located in the woods behind the area for the coop, carport and shed. Getting to the chicken coop to collect eggs after a hard rain has involved jumping over puddles. We also keep piles of chicken waste and leaf compost just behind the area for the carport, which need to be contained.

First, he dug some ditches and laid down a drainage pipe leading off into the woods in the direction of the creek. Then came a crew to pour the concrete. The pipe runs underneath. Afterwards, Mr. Mims went and got tons of rocks, and filled in all around the concrete. He spent hours shoveling rocks out of the back of his truck. I wanted the boys to help him, but each time he came back with a load he was done by the time they got home from school. But there is still one more load of rocks to go. I’m campaigning for it to get done on the weekend…

The next step was to remove a tree limb that would have been hanging right over the carport. Then it was time to build a bin and a fence to keep the piles contained. Now the bin and fence need a coat of paint to match the coop and shed and then everything will be ready for the delivery and assembly of the carport itself.

The cement truck ran over my flower bed.
I filled in the tracks, and the rest of the bed, with leaf compost.

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