Activities for Fall

These are the last days of Summer. Personally I’m not in any rush to end summer. I never am. Summer is comfortable and as lazy as possible. But as much as I love to prolong it, I also feel the pull of Fall, the promise of activity and excitement. I can’t help but to start making my checklist of things to get done, people to check in with and projects to complete and launch.
Here at Listen & Be Heard, we debuted our first open mic radio show at BlogTalkRadio. So far in my research, this is a great tool for anyone involved in promoting their work. People called in to the show from Germany, Florida, Illinois, Oregon, New York, Oakland and one hot poet from right here in Vallejo, CA. You can listen to the show by visiting Listen & Be Heard Poetry Cafe, where it is archived as a podcast. There will be another Listen & Be Heard Poetry Open Mic next week from 8-9:30pm Pacific Standard Time. Please join us by phone, computer microphone or chat at After next week, I will host a monthly open mic radio show on the first Tuesdays of the month.
Another radio show I will be hosting is an interview and call in with Ana Castillo. Her latest book is “The Guardians,” published by Random House. I am reading it now and will be speaking with her in a couple weeks. So now is the time to brush up on her history (you can read a previous interview I did with her about “Massacre of the Dreamers” in the archives), and/or read her latest book now, so that you can call in with your comments and questions about the book. I’ll post the details of when and where as soon as everything is finalized.
Also coming soon from Listen & Be Heard Network: productions for television. I’m still working on my first poetry short for VCAT television. I hope to finish it in time to meet the deadline for a poetry video festival in Canada. They’re still looking, so if you’re working on one too, get it done and send it in!
There are fresh articles to read at Listen & Be Heard Network Arts News. Maria Vrobel wrote an article about a poetry slam at JFK Library in Vallejo. Dave Tilton checks in from Brooklyn New York with reviews of some classic CD’s, and Carla Gallagher has posted activities too numerous to mention in her weekly column. There’s live music at Armando’s in Martinez, an opportunity to audition for a Hip Hop Dance Companyin San Francisco in September, and an extensive list of calls for artists in the U.S., U.K. and Canada. Please take extra special note of the Katrina Anniversary Fundraiser in the Editor’s Picks this week. Over at Listen & Be Heard Poetry Cafe Blog, there is of course fresh daily poetry, and some political poetry and art by Dr. Charles Frederickson and Saknarin Chinayote, a poet and artist duo contributing to L&BH Network from Thailand.
Don’t forget that Listen & Be Heard Network now also hosts a bulletin board to aid in an open discussion between arts professionals that will advance the cause of prosperity for us all! Please take advantage of the opportunity to use the bulletin board to foster discussion and change.
Please post your plans and activities for the Fall, or those of your arts organization in the comment box below. But don’t forget, enjoy the last days of summer. They will be long gone before you know it.
Wishing you Peace and Poetry
Martha Cinader Mims

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