fresh bread

still warm
and steamy
with butter
with honey
with grape jelly
with cheese
with olive oil
with peanut butter
all by itself
thin crust
thick crust
little hands
big hands
at fires
brick ovens
in kitchens
dining rooms
all reach for more.
more of the grind
and groan of flour
more milking of cows
and drawing of water
gathering of wood
and electricity
pressing of oils
more kneading
of more dough
and rising and rising
and rising
and waiting and
waiting and waiting
more lighting of fires
flushed faces
burnt fingers
being at the right places
at the right time
trial and error
and waiting and
smelling while waiting
and waiting and waiting.
fresh bread
food for the head
money in your pocket
good start to a man’s heart
human endeavor
no feast without bread.

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