Vote Local with your Holiday Dollars

Unfortunately less than 10% of Vallejo’s population voted in the recent local elections. Now I know that Listen & Be Heard readers take their freedom seriously and most of you voted. Right? I’m glad I did, because this mayor’s race will most likely be decided by less than 100 votes.
But if you didn’t vote, don’t waste time feeling guilty. There’s another way to vote here in the beating heart of the capitalist world, you can think carefully about where you spend your money and what you’re spending it on. If you shop locally for holiday gifts you will support the efforts of the people who help to make your community unique and special.
This Saturday, November 17 you will have an opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind items for the special people in your life, at very special prices, during our Marin Street Holiday Sidewalk Sale. Whether it’s pottery and beaded curtains imported directly from Honduras, or handmade pottery and sculpture made right on Marin Street, or paintings and wearable art by local artisans, there is nothing more special than something irreplaceable.
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You can also decide to support an ecologically safe future for the planet by shopping for “Green” items and Organic Foods. You don’t have to get in your car and leave town for many of these things, because they are available on-line. By shopping with Listen & Be Heard advertising associates you will also be supporting the efforts of your local community publication, Listen & Be Heard Weekly, to support art and culture in our community. I have put together a little shopping links list to the right for your browsing pleasure., Inc

So please, come on down to Marin Street this Saturday. Vote for culture and art in your community with your hard earned dollars. Shop on-line with our associates and let it all come to you this year. Get it all done early. Feel Good and relax and enjoy your family in the coming weeks.

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