Three Years of Light


Listen & Be Heard Arts, Culture and Entertainment Magazine, is all about homespun ingenuity. There is such a thing, and it is still possible to employ it whenever you put your mind to it. Sometimes, that?s all any particular situation really needs.
Months ago, a woman came into the caf? asking me about the monthly print magazine. She asked me a few questions, but it wasn?t long before she started telling me, and her perception may not be so uncommon. Because I was filling in a shift in the coffee shop, perhaps, she didn?t understand that I am the editor, and co-publisher, with my husband Tony. She wanted to contribute articles to the paper, but she told me that ?they all use stories from the AP Wire now.? I told her that all our stories were by local volunteer writers and photographers. She told me ?no, that?s not how they do it.? Unfortunately too few people believe that it is still possible to speak and be heard, and not just be spoken about.
If it is such a precious commodity to have a local news outlet, then that?s good reason to support it with your participation. This is how we do it here at Listen & Be Heard. We stay focused on fulfilling the promise of diversity. The way that I know how to do that is through an organic process of bringing people together in the fields of arts, culture and entertainment. No laws, no weapons, no censorship, just pens and paint brushes and pianos and people of every description. There?s nothing to wait for, no permission to be given or asked for. Freedom of speech is a simple thing. Without the representation of the full spectrum of diversity we can?t really say that we have freedom of speech.
The people who contribute to this monthly magazine and weekly to, each have an area of expertise that they have helped to promote by writing about it. Whether it?s CD Reviews of local artists, Jazz profiles, Theatre or Restaurant Reviews, Listen & Be Heard writers and photographers have contributed to the growth and development of each of these areas and more. They have done this simply by dedicating themselves to spreading the word. Without this team of people, and those of you who will still come foreward, there would be no spectrum of light. I say, let?s keep our eyes on the rainbow arching over our collective heads, roll up our sleeves and break a sweat. While you?re working, be sure to sing your unique song, to keep your spirits high. Don?t let anyone tell you that you?re not allowed to sing your song because it?s not in the top 40.
Please join us on November 18, from 5-8pm, at Listen & Be Heard Poetry Caf? to give our contributors their due respect, and to find out how you can speak and be heard, listen and ask questions too. We?ll have a poetry open mic for those of you looking for immediate and naked expression. If you want to dip into the well of inspiration that led to the creation of everything that is Listen& Be Heard, please join me and Tony for some Poetic Symmetry on a Saturday night.
Wishing each of you Peace and Poetry

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