All for One

One thing I’ve
learned with just
a little
hindsight, is
that talk is
cheaper than
spit. There are
plenty of
people who
talk good game
but when it’s
time to walk
their feet get
sore or they
get hungry
for easy
pickings or
they wait
for someone
else to cross
over to the
other side
first to test
the waters.
The water
is not safe.
There are no
boueys with
signs unless
you hear bird
calls at dusk,
but you still
have to cross.
The other
side is where
your actions
speak volumes.
Words don’t count.
You want fame
you want what
is fleeting
riches, sex
power to
control the
people who
you don’t like
and you will
have what you
want and that
will be all.
One person
desired by
others who
may just want
what you have.
Given the
chance they might
let you drown.
One to me
is not one
without You.
A dinner
me less.
So please climb
on to our
little raft
rest easy
for awhile
eat with us
the good food
between these
pages, and
lines, and taste
not only
but freedom
in summer
Please do use
what you can
to connect
with your past
your neighbor
your inner
voice that says
all for One.
What’s good for
One is good
for me too.
Seeing you
is seeing
me see you
see me see
you see me
seeing we
see that One
is really
or no one.
One is you
and your great
great grandma
and grandpa
too and those
you never
even knew
and people
you pass who
you never
do talk to.
Between these
pages lie
treasures, maps
to riches
and wonders.
It’s up to
just one You
to explore
give back to
and support
what is One.
Wishing each
of you Peace
and Freedom
in Oneness.

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