Tag: witch

  • Cronedom

    Cronedom imma witty witch holy hag crowned crone, plays flute with birds keeps company with words gardens on a hill top; won’t stop.

  • to Which

    to Which you can say it didn’t happen. the whole world can say the same. but it did. if i speak and not one believes me, it still happened, can’t be unhappened. call me Crazy, Witch, B**ch. it still happened.

  • Note to Woahmen

    Note to Woahmen Resurrect your Witch. Hitch her to your Angher. Ride her broomstick. Change the rules of the Hunt.

  • Witch Note

    it can happen like that not having a comeback caught feeling deflated encapsulated in someone’s head as dead on arrival no trial just denial no survival just revival