Carolina Chickadee

The chickadee doesn't like to pose for pictures. It moves very fast and doesn't ever just stay still. Very cautious, it first lands in a nearby tree, then flies to a branch in the tree holding the feeder.

The Carport Project

First, he dug some ditches and laid down a drainage pipe leading off into the woods in the direction of the creek. Then came a crew to pour the concrete. The pipe runs underneath. Afterwards, Mr. Mims went and got tons of rocks, and filled in all around the concrete.

Lavender in Winter

There are many flowers and smells and sights to gush about in the spring and summer, but some plants offer pleasures year-round. Lavender is perennial and evergreen. Lavender leaves smell just as strong as the flowers. If you rub the leaves between your fingers the scent will stick with you for awhile. The leaves are a... Continue Reading →

Spring in the Woods

you can see water pooling up in an area where there is no water flowing down from above. It's a muddy area below the walking path that's hard to approach without sinking into the ground.

Running Creek

The snow that knocked out Paris Mountain power last weekend, and left neighbors stranded on opposite sides of fallen trees, can now only be found running in the creeks to join the Reedy River and the rush of Falls Park. ]

Snow and Folk Art

Yesterday we had a little snow, and they suspended all after-school activities right away. Down here a little snow and ice is scary to most people, but they want me to drive my kids to school in all kinds of rain and wind. This rooster roosts outside the kitchen door in snow, sun, rain and wind... Continue Reading →

Growing Food Blueberry Blossoms in January

The warm weather has fooled most of my flower bulbs to start sending up shoots, which will most likely die in the freeze forecast to visit us in the next few days. The blueberry bushes that I prize so highly after six years of growth have been similarly fooled.  Unfortunately these delicate little bell flowers will... Continue Reading →

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