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  • Reflections of a Muddled Mind

    Reflections of a Muddled Mind

    Muddled thinking will always mirror muddled ideas. Aligning with the point of view of Source allows us to see the true beauty in ourselves and our world!

  • Plan to Succeed!

    Plan to Succeed!

    So part of my plan is planning what to do when my plan falls apart. Basically I make SURE that I always have foods that adhere to my plan easily available.

  • Sweet Release!

    Sweet Release!

    This is an individually tailored experiment to observe if we have improvement in any symptom when we release certain foods. Then we can choose to reintroduce what was released to see if symptoms return.

  • The #1 Reason Plans Fail

    The #1 Reason Plans Fail

    The number one reason plans fail is because we fail to plan. The solution is simple. Write down your plan. If you want to change anything, write down what you WILL do to make the change.

  • Relief through Release

    Relief through Release

    Think about the huge relief felt when a BIG stressor is resolved. Stress is released, and relief flows in. Releasing negative self talk leaves us energized, more confident, and less reactive to the world.

  • Hate Release = Weight Release

    Hate Release = Weight Release

    If you hate yourself because you’re carrying extra pounds, that’s a much bigger issue than the extra pounds! It is impossible to hate ourselves throughout a weight loss journey and expect an outcome of self love. We want to embrace a journey driven by self love.

  • Too Stressed to Digest?

    Too Stressed to Digest?

    Since relaxation is the perfect state for optimal digestion of food, and assimilation of nutrients, it stands to reason that we want to eat in a state of relaxation.