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  • Collecting Water for Ourselves and our Climate

    Collecting Water for Ourselves and our Climate

    The water bill got paid, our vegetables were eventually harvested, but I didn’t understand the degradation that was happening to the land and the creek during that whole time, how the gullies formed by the rain on exposed ground were carrying precious sediment into the creek, and the creek was sinking lower each year,

  • The Train Runs

    The Train Runs

    The Train Runs chugging dividends to the very end from its stack while cars fall from the track, doesn’t need water, never looks back or ahead, doesn’t see you, me or the dead.

  • The Podcasting Learning Curve

    The Podcasting Learning Curve

    Communication is imperative. Now is the time for all of us to grasp that we have it in our hands to restore our soil, protect our water, cool the climate and love each other. It is the job of poets and writers and singers and artists and creative people of all kinds to bring that…

  • Our Time

    Our Time

    Our Time Collect & Protect Water where YOU are, Now. Feed YOUR soil, Now. Say it Loud. Say it Proud. Choose LIVING.

  • Good morning

    Good morning

    Good morning

  • One Woman on a Mountainside

    One Woman on a Mountainside

    The truth is that one sixty year old woman with a shovel can’t move a mountain, but she can do a whole lot to assist the soil, herself, her neighbors downstream, the birds and the bees. She can invite the beaver to come back, and The People too, who walk the land and have always…

  • Infinite Mirror

    Infinite Mirror sometimes i am Sky and wonder why Water hides what’s inside. ————————————————————— sometimes i am Water and blame Sky for looking at reflections.

  • Floating Free

    Floating Free

    Visiting a quiet cove of Lake Greenwood in South Carolina, no noise except for the water slapping the bottom of the pontoon. Just water and air and serenity…

  • A Windy Afternoon

    Wind and running water make for a fluid, sunny afternoon.

  • Spring in the Woods

    Spring in the Woods

    you can see water pooling up in an area where there is no water flowing down from above. It’s a muddy area below the walking path that’s hard to approach without sinking into the ground.

  • A moment in time

    Sunlight reflecting on rippling water creates riches that no one can claim their own.