Tag: truth

  • to Truth

    to Truth i never met you. i didn’t want to know you. you live in an unmarked grave. i can’t save you now.

  • My Grain of…

    My Grain Of… some grist in my brain mill feels the grind of my mind calling attention to tension between what i don’t want to think i am thinking and the uncouth Truth.

  • to Throat

    to Throat don’t choke. spit out Truth. let in fresh air.

  • To Do

    to do speak ill speak truth speak wise obstruct lies use time chime with nature

  • to my Head Ghost

    to my Head Ghost you come to bend my nerves to the end to tend my multi-dimension tension scream the obscene truth that you feel trying to be real with your host.

  • Scribbled Note

    Scribbled Note worry hurry scurry stress search suspect spin suffocate stagnate screw tense clench contract cancel want flutter foresee believe constipate regurgitate anticipate hesitate ruminate consternate procrastinate hyperventilate dissatisfy deny degrade dread doubt ignore tighten hold grip grasp postpone apprehend fear resent resist refuse inhibit inhabit holed up held up backed up pent up put-up…

  • Note to See

    unspoken truth found all around in the eyes of the obliged

  • There was a ship

    Stay True. Stay True she said. Stay True she said to the ship. She could see out to sea. She could see the wide sea in the storm. Stay True she said to the ship, even if the captain curses the Goddess of the Sea so bitterly.

  • Note to Who

    Who knows what happened back then and way back when to everyone everywhere with every kind of hair, what’s Absolutely True. Who read what will happen after every page in the Book of What Already Happened and knows exactly what to do about Everything for All and once in a dream did sing to me…