On July 2 of 2017 there was rain and wind on Paris Mountain. I was reclining in front of the TV, but a lightning storm was interrupting the signal. Then I heard a very loud crack and a bang that brought me instantly to my feet. A giant tree about a hundred years old, which... Continue Reading →

Flowering Fruit Trees

It's almost eight years since we established our homestead here on Paris Mountain.  Mr. Mims planted some fruit trees the first year, and a few more the next couple of years. We have apple, pear, plum, nectarine, cherry, and peach. At first they were like twigs that we could hardly see. Now we appear to... Continue Reading →

Early Spring on Paris Mountain

The transformation happens suddenly. Last week the trees were old, grey, lean and and wise companions. This week they are vibrant, green and growing, camouflaging our neighbors and the rest of the world.

The Carport Project

First, he dug some ditches and laid down a drainage pipe leading off into the woods in the direction of the creek. Then came a crew to pour the concrete. The pipe runs underneath. Afterwards, Mr. Mims went and got tons of rocks, and filled in all around the concrete.

Working with Giants

I know not everyone likes to hear me testify about my husband, but I have to tell you that I love him for both his brains and his brawn. It's one kind of thing to sit at a desk and solve complicated equations while the world carries on taking care of everything else. It's another... Continue Reading →

Living with Giants

We live among giant trees on Paris Mountain. The matrix of overhead cables that provide electricity to residents weaves its way among the great branches of the trees. When there is a perfect storm of wind and ice, giant limbs and entire trees sometimes fall. When a tree falls on a power line or transformer,... Continue Reading →

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