Tag: sun

  • Assembling a Wheelchair

    Assembling a Wheelchair

    And somewhere a wheel chair
is being put together while a
world tilts on its axis trying to
find its bearings

  • to Rise

    to Rise

    to Rise like the sun bring energy where there was none have some fun before it’s done.

  • to Hate

    to Hate

    to Hate your infinite ends won’t bend me your beginnings, my departures your means don’t concern what i need to learn you haven’t earned my esteem, nameless and aimless with your anger you won’t rain in my brain you’ll evaporate in delight of sunlight

  • to-Then

    to Then i am God in my head, directing with dread. humidity oppresses me with memory. rain washes away pain. thunderstorms are the norm until i say sunshine. these thoughts are mine. but, who am i, Then?

  • to Fear

    to Fear What do we see but don’t say? Why don’t we say it? You want me to run. I choose this spot in the Sun.

  • Trip Note

    Trip Note don’t want baggage don’t care what i wear breathe fresh air absorb sunshine the smile’s mine

  • Love Note

    each time i feel the warmth of your touch on my skin i open to the sky dance in your brilliance quiver in the breeze of your breath it is always spring

  • Love Note

    my morning glory is silhouetted in sunlight. the world can wait. we’ll be late.

  • Note to Witch

    Note to Witch hunted in plain sight sun on your face you go about in haste no time to waste with weightless words