I have never believed that sex work is liberating. It's an industry like most others. It exploits its workers and even its customers really.

Since ancient times the powers that be, dynasties, religions, corporations, have used the human sex drive to control people.

Revolution can be a bloody mess. When we search for Peace, we have to at least consider peaceful and loving ways to get there...

Most of the people in Square City came from another planet, but Lorelei's family was from WilderWood and she remembers all the old stories.

…She saw the interstices of an ethereal web and sought to inhabit the imminent change of circumstances augured by the high frequency of the vibrations in its silky strings. She saw a spider web that looked like a suspended bridge shimmering in the moonlight, joining WilderWood to Square City. A large black spider was suspended above the clearing between city and forest, where STs were pointing at a young naked woman running for cover. Her only adornment was an emerald necklace. The white light of a crescent moon reflected an aquamarine beam back to heaven. The STs ran after the naked woman, on a reckless hunt among the towering trees.

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