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  • Breakfast and Soil School

  • Our Time

    Our Time

    Our Time Collect & Protect Water where YOU are, Now. Feed YOUR soil, Now. Say it Loud. Say it Proud. Choose LIVING.

  • Communifficiency


    A vibrant community can come together to make life more beautiful and literally more fruitful for everyone walking on the land. That just seems like so much more fun than flying solo.

  • Soil and People

    Soil and People

    Doing more for your soil doesn’t require spending, or extra effort. It requires the opposite. Our relationships with each other are the same way. If we feed them with love, they will prosper without much difficulty. If we pour on fake feelings and disrespect we will wind up with a lifeless pile of dirt falling…

  • From Yard Waste to Garden Bed

    From Yard Waste to Garden Bed

    I compare myself to the all-weather raspberry plant these days. I am resilient too, and my roots run through the fertile soil of nearly six decades of learning.