Tag: rumination

  • Scapenote

    Scapenote you’re together cuz of me. you deserve each other’s company. leave my head. i’m sending a well-fed goat in my stead.

  • to Me Too

    to Me Too i was an escaped caged-bird flying confused, full-speed, into an invisible window. i was dazed when you, and you and you and you, picked me up and pretended to mend my wings and told me not to sing cuz my song was all wrong. i have my own cage now, and keep…

  • to IT

    to IT of course you’re obvious even though no one mentioned you to me i should have seen you even though you are invisible

  • Dismissal

    Dismissal i told the rat in my basement that he had to go. he told me that he was leaving anyway, cuz he’d been living off the unanswered questions lying around everywhere. But, now i don’t ask any more.

  • to Deflect

    to Deflect i look for me in the dark night. what do i see? a fire. a liar burns, twists and turns in the light, points and screams shame, tells me i’m the same. i turned the lock. don’t knock. don’t promise a better day. run away.

  • to Devalue

    to Devalue you hold her of be you tea eye am knot your moos to con fews with comp laments.

  • to Denial

  • to the Swan

    to: the Swan i’ve had PTSD ever since you attacked me, then trapped me with a name. i’m not playing that game. from, not Leda anymore or a whore.

  • to Throat

    to Throat don’t choke. spit out Truth. let in fresh air.

  • Court of Love

    Court of Love fake futures trading is legal but not lovable

  • Meaning Silence

    Meaning Silence Freedom to fill the void with answers, while imprisoned in an unspoken lie hiding in place without a face.

  • Court of Love

    Court of Love Judge Jude says: Don’t be a rude driver. Obey the rules Fool. Don’t ride pride over love. Proceed with care. All is fair.

  • Court of Love

    Court of Love we used to play. now i pay. you had me caged in silent rage. let me count the ways 365 days. now i smile. it’s been a little while.

  • Pants on Fire

  • i’m Enough, they say

    i’m enough, they say you almost erased me, i thought, and it’s a re-run, i remembered and removed from my mind to put behind what can’t be changed, re-arrange my brain to be wise, utilize the something, they say, i learn each day. i’m enough, they say you almost erased me, i thought, and it’s…