Tag: rumination

  • School

    School you were striking they pretended not to care you went back to playing the Fool for nothing

  • You Bought It

    You Bought It no refunds. exchange your attitude.

  • What’s Funny

    What’s Funny if everyone laughed and you too can you stop

  • Undercover

    Undercover the brother ain’t a lover. his glam and yes ma’am is a scam for your heart to play its part on his stage keeping watch on his rage.

  • Strespassed

    Strespassed the sea has no borders. waves are above the law. the aftermath of the storm becomes the norm.

  • miss take

    Miss Take i lost time to the daily grind of minding my pain made it rain on childish sunshine hurt what was all mine to love fathers nowhere to be found i am around the thread that binds

  • Ruminoting

    Ruminoting i was told what i was told thought what i thought was who i thought i was did what i did they were who they were were who they thought they were did what they thought they should did what they thought they could knew what they thought i should do what they thought…

  • What

    What the mirror reflects a broken sculpture mended with sticky memories. i see it’s wrong no, it’s right no, it’s just light.

  • My Grain of…

    My Grain Of… some grist in my brain mill feels the grind of my mind calling attention to tension between what i don’t want to think i am thinking and the uncouth Truth.

  • in the Mirror

    in the Mirror my life looks over my shoulder warns me to be bolder tells me i’m the holder of everything and nothing. i was i am i will be me.

  • Pretend

    Pretend tell me you’ll mend me into being. wear me ’til you soil me. pour bleach on my blemishes. wring out my tears. leave me hanging on the line. let the wind whip me and carry my questions away.

  • Interdiction

    Interdiction you’ll find me on deep discount in the bargain basement with books of old jokes. my name was changed to a comedy of errors so i didn’t know when it was my turn. i could burn.

  • Whipped

    Whipped Same time. Same Race. A horse beating itself doesn’t believe it’s dead.

  • ExCiLlusionist

    ExCiLlusionist if you’re a two percenter in anything you’re either special or special, hard to get along with or have a hard time, or both. what’s your specialty?

  • Beware the Preacher

    Beware the Preacher your prison bars wilt with our Guilt. nothing’s the same without Shame. where you gonna point now that we’re gone? how you gonna get along?