Tag: rumination

  • i   am not   you

    i am not you

    we be free do you see what i free not be you see i what free be me

  • wrong


    all for naught fraught with care don’t be where you knot belong

  • Shame Game

    Shame Game

    he covers her cage with his rage, takes her song, tells her she’s wrong, weak, shouldn’t speak. she waits long for dawn.

  • he chose me

    he chose me

    fresh with still-wet hair spit on my pubescent idea of fair, a wad on my head to add to my dread that he might lash out about a girl as wrong as a protest song

  • Every Word

    Every Word

    Every Word i never said because of dread lives in my jaw reading law books rings in my ears, gives me dirty looks, plays with fear i hold dear.

  • to Dis

    to Dis

    to dis sew she ate crow know ledge to yous wings sew she sings jar ring rhymes

  • activity


    activity did doing about to still infinity me

  • Shine On You Crazy Diamond

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond

    Shining our light invites others to do the same! We lead by example, and we follow examples that evoke lightness within us. We follow the light.

  • What You Said

    What You Said you want me to steal what you feel, open a gap, a trap for me to fall from grace my face in your hand.

  • April Fool

    April Fool i need someone to help me not to reinvent myself.

  • to Truth

    to Truth i never met you. i didn’t want to know you. you live in an unmarked grave. i can’t save you now.

  • Smug

    Smug you smother me with your hug. your smile finds me wanting. your open hand is a trick. you’re quick to point away. you won’t say. you’ll let it lay just the way you want it.

  • to Time

    to Time you’re not lost. i probe me to find you alive, to robe my children, so they can thrive. you won’t wait; i know. but you won’t go.

  • Duh

    Duh no one will ask. no one will tell. no one will touch your open hand. there will be no resolution.

  • The Mill