Tag: pond life

  • Early Spring on Paris Mountain

    The transformation happens suddenly. Last week the trees were old, grey, lean and and wise companions. This week they are vibrant, green and growing, camouflaging our neighbors and the rest of the world.

  • Cooters in February

    Cooters in February

    When it gets warm the Cooters come up to sunbathe. They crowd onto every available floating piece of log.

  • Snapping Turtle

    The combination of ponds, woods and open fields on our property attracts a variety of wildlife year round. We see lots of turtles sunbathing on the shores of the pond when it’s warm. But snapping turtles don’t seem to be avid sunbathers. They don’t appear quite so often, but we see them when they climb out…

  • Water and Crows

    You can always hear crows on Paris Mountain. They are loud, and keep running conversations going all day long, and year round. The pond is clear today after almost a week without precipitation. But there is still a heavy flow of spring water and runoff from all the recent rains, spilling into the lower pond.