Note to Heart, Mind Head led me to a balanced equation. Heart said some integers feel better than others. Ya’ll never conversated with each other. It’s time to know what’s up and understand.

Repetition in Performance

"Repetition" is a poem I've been working on for a little while. This is a freestyle version with Shannon Hoover on bass and Matt Dingledine on guitar. The gig at the Five Forks branch of the Greenville Public Library, back in April 2019, was sponsored by the library. They reached out to the Greenville Jazz Collective to provide a program of jazz and poetry, so then the GJC reached out to me for the poetry. I would still like to work on an arrangement for this piece, especially including some percussion, and then record it…

Cuntry Grab

slaves paths paved
fathers founding free
ejacular college lock her rooms
dark sons dark daughters dark secrets
times three over five equals

Flowering Fern

a fern that flowers is not a fern even if it looks like one and has never flowered. the delicate looking leaves are not leaves; they are branches. the spiky thorns are leaves. if it ever did flower then blue berries might bring a mocking bird.


when a bee goes by it is good to see knowing it knows its way to work hum of the hummingbird babble of busy birds heard while bending to tend the garden's needs. sowing seeds, pulling weeds saving the ladybug from the fire transporting her home.

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