Tag: Poem of the Day

  • ode to poetry

    in the space of twenty four hours murder and mayhem starvation and deprivation slavery and struggle compete for glory as the world turns.

  • ode to authority

    most everyone     has the authority       to do     whatever they can get away with

  • Perfect Marriage

    Cabbage and Cauliflower Stringbeans and Squash Pop Corn and Corn Meal

  • Antiquity Today

    Scientists say was a time when continents still clung together; before dinosaurs

  • Relocation

    when a bee goes by it is good to see knowing it knows its way to work

  • fresh bread

    still warm and steamy with butter with honey with grape jelly with cheese

  • Cactus in Bloom

    Epiphilium is rare as it sounds not your average front yard flower.

  • Memory and Perception

    what i remember is my perception of what was happening and what happened before what was happening and what happened

  • A Mother of a Day

    is a Different thing from Mother’s Day. The Name “Mother” of a Day speaks for itself too

  • A Wild Visit

    she announced herself in the early morning as if in a dream but wasn’t satisfied with that. she wanted to be recognized and appreciated for who she was not a peacock and not a songbird either, calling for her mate with a quarrelsome unmistakable voice playing hide and seek between the garden and the rooftops.