ode to poetry

in the space of twenty four hours murder and mayhem starvation and deprivation slavery and struggle compete for glory as the world turns. each heart beats each soul reaches to live and pursue happiness. it's a new day. today there is poetry for all that has passed and will come to pass as the world... Continue Reading →

ode to authority

most everyone     has the authority       to do     whatever they can get away with     there’s a whole lot of people   getting away with a whole lot of shit   and a few people   getting away with   a whole lot more shit      ... Continue Reading →

Antiquity Today

Scientists say was a time when continents still clung together; before dinosaurs people, pets there were gardens. Azalea families were separated by violent events traveled the globe put down roots never forgot didn't change much.


when a bee goes by it is good to see knowing it knows its way to work hum of the hummingbird babble of busy birds heard while bending to tend the garden's needs. sowing seeds, pulling weeds saving the ladybug from the fire transporting her home.

fresh bread

still warm and steamy with butter with honey with grape jelly with cheese with olive oil with peanut butter all by itself thin crust thick crust little hands big hands at fires brick ovens in kitchens dining rooms all reach for more. more of the grind and groan of flour more milking of cows and... Continue Reading →

Cactus in Bloom

Epiphilium is rare as it sounds not your average front yard flower. Green dreadlocks have their own mind creating a field for rare beauty.

Memory and Perception

what i remember is my perception of what was happening and what happened before what was happening and what happened after what was happening and what is happening. my point of view changes with every breath. one day i will stop breathing. the memory of me will live in the perception interpretation memory of each... Continue Reading →

A Mother of a Day

is a Different thing from Mother's Day. The Name "Mother" of a Day speaks for itself too and can happen Any day of the year. If the day was the Mother of All Mothers then it would be unsurpassed in its greatness or badness while Mother's Day comes and goes leaving only flower petals and... Continue Reading →

A Wild Visit

she announced herself in the early morning as if in a dream but wasn't satisfied with that. she wanted to be recognized and appreciated for who she was not a peacock and not a songbird either, calling for her mate with a quarrelsome unmistakable voice playing hide and seek between the garden and the rooftops.

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