Tag: mind

  • Assembling a Wheelchair

    Assembling a Wheelchair

    And somewhere a wheel chair
is being put together while a
world tilts on its axis trying to
find its bearings

  • to Walk

    to Walk

    to walk blind, i couldn’t find the open door my mind wouldn’t leave couldn’t conceive more than meets the eye until i tried.

  • My Grain of…

    My Grain Of… some grist in my brain mill feels the grind of my mind calling attention to tension between what i don’t want to think i am thinking and the uncouth Truth.

  • i’m Enough, they say

    i’m enough, they say you almost erased me, i thought, and it’s a re-run, i remembered and removed from my mind to put behind what can’t be changed, re-arrange my brain to be wise, utilize the something, they say, i learn each day. i’m enough, they say you almost erased me, i thought, and it’s…

  • to Mind

    to mind You forgot who you work for. You’ve been running amok. You wake me with target practice. You have endless ammunition, but you don’t like division. I’m back now; so just do your job and then take a break, please.

  • Note to Heart

    Note to Heart Mind never rests she never gets working learning sewing an endless seem she joins us to this dream