What the mirror reflects a broken sculpture mended with sticky memories. i see it’s wrong no, it’s right no, it’s just light.

to Then i am God in my head, directing with dread. humidity oppresses me with memory. rain washes away pain. thunderstorms are the norm until i say sunshine. these thoughts are mine. but, who am i, Then?

to Memory a cat on a roof, aloof, a trickster, a hipster posing at nosing the proof.

Note to Memory i sail your sea, navigating joy and misery. you’re here but you’re gone, touching me and moving on.

Present Tense Noted There’s no gain in holding pain. Memories living in your head should be Dead. Thoughts and oughts aren’t Real. How You Feel is Now.

A note in Time you were offbeat with a sweet tone and perfect pitch now you’re played wafting in memory’s wind

Memory and Perception

what i remember is my perception of what was happening and what happened before what was happening and what happened after what was happening and what is happening. my point of view changes with every breath. one day i will stop breathing. the memory of me will live in the perception interpretation memory of each... Continue Reading →

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