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  • He Said She Said We Said

    He Said She Said We Said

     I’ve been performing this poem for more than a decade…but it seems timely…

  • A Wild Visit

    she announced herself in the early morning as if in a dream but wasn’t satisfied with that. she wanted to be recognized and appreciated for who she was not a peacock and not a songbird either, calling for her mate with a quarrelsome unmistakable voice playing hide and seek between the garden and the rooftops.

  • In Between Past and Future

    Last week when our new issue went live on March 26, 2008, some very strange things happened which brought the entire site down for a little while, and left it only semi-functional for a few days. Now, although we are fully functioning again, with a few little bugs, we are missing our entire last issue…

  • Shy Beauty

    Sometimes a real beauty doesn’t want and can’t stand all the attention the ooing and aahing and silly questions not worth answering preferring the quiet inaccessible places where appreciation is limited to those who seek out beauty for its own sake.