Hate Release = Weight Release

If you hate yourself because you’re carrying extra pounds, that’s a much bigger issue than the extra pounds! It is impossible to hate ourselves throughout a weight loss journey and expect an outcome of self love. We want to embrace a journey driven by self love.

Love in the Garden me and me are under the tree k - i - s - s - i - n - g and eating juicy apples and laughing cuz they look like breasts and they taste sweet and satisfying.

Miss Take i lost time to the daily grind of minding my pain made it rain on childish sunshine hurt what was all mine to love fathers nowhere to be found i am around the thread that binds

Court of Love Judge Jude says: Don’t be a rude driver. Obey the rules Fool. Don’t ride pride over love. Proceed with care. All is fair.

Court of Love we used to play. now i pay. you had me caged in silent rage. let me count the ways 365 days. now i smile. it’s been a little while.

to Love the last one standing. you haven’t conquered anything. you never even tried. you’ll just endure to the end, won’t you. and nothing else ever has mattered.

to Matriarchy i look forward to my non-existence being the fruit of my orchard, a taste, sweet and juicy, on un-kissed lips, shaping words of Love and Freedom.

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