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  • Open Heart

    Open Heart

    I just had open heart, he says We take the wheelchair from the bed of his  pickup and the man’s wife sits in the truck On the dashboard is a red pillow in the shape of a heart

  • Hate Release = Weight Release

    Hate Release = Weight Release

    If you hate yourself because you’re carrying extra pounds, that’s a much bigger issue than the extra pounds! It is impossible to hate ourselves throughout a weight loss journey and expect an outcome of self love. We want to embrace a journey driven by self love.

  • Love in the Garden

    Love in the Garden me and me are under the tree k – i – s – s – i – n – g and eating juicy apples and laughing cuz they look like breasts and they taste sweet and satisfying.

  • miss take

    Miss Take i lost time to the daily grind of minding my pain made it rain on childish sunshine hurt what was all mine to love fathers nowhere to be found i am around the thread that binds

  • Court of Love

    Court of Love Judge Jude says: be true to your self or love is a lie.

  • Court of Love

    Court of Love fake futures trading is legal but not lovable

  • Court of Love

    Court of Love Judge Jude says: Don’t be a rude driver. Obey the rules Fool. Don’t ride pride over love. Proceed with care. All is fair.

  • Court of Love

    Court of Love we used to play. now i pay. you had me caged in silent rage. let me count the ways 365 days. now i smile. it’s been a little while.

  • Mister

  • to Love

    to Love the last one standing. you haven’t conquered anything. you never even tried. you’ll just endure to the end, won’t you. and nothing else ever has mattered.

  • to Matriarchy

    to Matriarchy i look forward to my non-existence being the fruit of my orchard, a taste, sweet and juicy, on un-kissed lips, shaping words of Love and Freedom.

  • to the Dance

    to the Dance while we love imperfectly Earth and Moon dance, trading at reflecting light. the far side of Moon hides.

  • Love Note

    Love Note oxygen and fire conspire in a sweet-scented frenzy that can’t last but comes again and again.

  • Note to Same

    Nothing stays. We wake laugh love cry argue die and the way things have always been never was.

  • Love Note

    Tomorrow dawns with our embrace. We love prolifically, as thirsty Hibiscus. The sun comes. Our hearts open. Dead blooms fall to the ground. We don’t look down.